Spring on the Farm

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With the arrival of spring comes orchard maintenance tasks such as tying trees, keeping weeds down and fighting gophers and squirrels. Soon we will begin “thinning” our tree fruit (peaches, plums, nectarines and apricots). Most crops look adequate, making it necessary to remove a portion of fruit in order to produce a quality-size end product.

Wonder why cherries are expensive? Another crazy year is before us. Sporadic production is this year’s best term. Some orchards have a “normal, but extremely early crop” and generally the later orchards have a much lighter to virtually non-existent crop. The earlier fields are more susceptible to rain issues. So, we again start the year with unique situations and venture ahead into “uncharted” territory.

Planting our veggies will be taking place soon, and our local harvest should start in mid-June. Currently we are offering beautiful local asparagus and, soon, fresh local red onions.

We continue to welcome your questions regarding growing organically. Although our fruit and vegetables cannot be sold under the “organic label”, we have been using integrated pest management since the mid 80’s and were one of the first growers in our area to use the bio-lures for mating disruption. We have been producing fruit and vegetables on our property continuously since 1947 in the least disruptive way that we feel is economically feasible, offering the safest and best tasting product for our customers. We are pleased to announce our cherry orchard has again received certification from Primus GFS Labs at the superior level for food safety.

As we begin our 75th season, we wish to thank you for your continued support and for visiting us at thefruitbowl.com.

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